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Who is BBS Accounting LLC

We are a Small-Town Accounting firm in Nunda NY that is always willing to lend a hand and help you with your accounting and bookkeeping needs. Our team members become a part of your organization and are someone you can rely on. As a Small-Town firm, we do not specialize in one area of accounting/bookkeeping. We handle tasks from auditing your local Fire Department books, to submitting your Towns financial records to the State Comptroller, to organizing a sole proprietor shoebox of receipts, and even helping a client struggling to find their checkbook register error.

We look forward to talking with you to see if we can help you.

Thank You from the BBS Accounting Team!!!

The History and legacy behind BBS Accounting LLC

BBS Accounting LLC is an evolution of a few different accounting practices over several decades. The original accounting practice that started this accounting legacy, started with David St John building his accounting practice in Nunda NY in the 1970’s.  David St John then hired Thomas Baldwin to work part time in the Accounting firm in 1981.  Thomas Baldwin resigned his full-time position as a Teacher at Keshequa Central School to pursue his passion of accounting and become a partner with David St John in 1983; and they created “St John & Baldwin”.  David St John passed away unexpectedly in 1995 and left Thomas Baldwin to carry the torch.  Then in 2012 Robert Baldwin partnered up with his father and changed the name to “Baldwin Business Services” and they worked together until Thomas Baldwin’s retirement in 2016.  In 2018 Robert Baldwin decided to take on Justin Bennett as a partner to oversee and operate the office because he was relocating to Idaho. In creating this partnership and navigating the challenges of Robert Baldwin living in Idaho they decided to split into two companies with “Baldwin Business Services” maintaining Robert Baldwin’s portion and servicing his tax clients and his business consulting clients.  In 2019 the spin off company “BBS Accounting LLC” was created and is owned and operated by Justin Bennett and handles the Municipal Accounting, Small Business Accounting, Nonprofit Accounting and Tax Accounting. Justin Bennett and Robert Baldwin continue to work together and carry the torch to keep the legacy going.

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BBS Accounting LLC’s Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide various accounting services to individuals, businesses, municipalities, and Non-profit organizations.  We focus our services provided toward businesses, municipalities and non-profit organizations that are too small to hire a full-time in-house accountant/ bookkeeper but still need help handling the tasks they do not have the time or the abilities to handle themselves.

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